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Member Benefits

Teacher Discounts

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Discounts for teachers and support staff are available at hundreds of retailers across the country. When combined with your exclusive-Union discounts, the savings really add up. Check out nationwide teacher discounts.

Share My Lesson



AFT has teamed up with Share My Lesson to offer teachers and support staff access to shared lesson plans for every grade. Whether you're wondering how to tackle current events, you need some new ideas, or you just want a new perspective — Share My Lesson can help. Click here for more details

Staying Healthy

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Save your time and your health with exclusive Union discounts on meal prep services as well as eye and dental care. 


Moving and Home Security



Whether you're protecting your home from burglars or forclosure, AFT + Member Benefits can help. Plus you can receive exclusive Union discounts on all your moving needs. 



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Most workplaces don't offer their employees all the insurance we need to protect our families. That's why AFT+ Member Benefits offers teachers and support staff discounted benefits for every "just in case" life has to offer.


Shopping & School Supplies



Whether your shopping for school supplies or your own home make sure you're using your Union discounts! Get special pricing on your cell phone bill, office supplies, books, cars, shoes, magazines, flowers and more!


Finance & Legal Services

CLC Identity Theft

Let's face it, teachers and support staff don't make enough money. LFT members work every day to change that, but in the meantime take advantage of benefits that help protect your finances and stretch every dollar.

Scholarships and Continuing Education

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Continuing education is expensive. Whether it's you or your child, LFT teachers and support staff have access to resources that can help. Scholarships, Student Loan Education Programs, Free college and more; exclusively for AFT members. 


Travel and Entertainment

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Save on your next vacation with exclusive LFT member benefits. Your membership comes with discounts on vacation tours, theme parks, rental cars, Southwest flights, hotels, movie tickets, restaurants, emergency protection plans and more!